Hi to all my blog readers,

           I made this blog to share my knowledge of where I have been. I therefore made two types of different blogs. One of places in turkey and the other will be from around      the world.


      It was November and I was sitting with my diving buddies. We were talking on which destination we should go and started to make a plan. Firstly we were thinking to go to Endonezi and filming in there the nature and the underwater world, then for some how we decided to go and see Miami and then fly to Mexico Cancun Playa De Carmen. We started to check out the available flights and found from Istanbul to direct Miami, whihc was the most suitable flight for us , because there were flight via Europe but we had to loose days on that and had to wait for along time, so that we decided to fly direct, and we all booked our flights and when the day came, we flew to Miami. it took 12 hours from Istanbul. We booked a hotel which was closed to the airport and stayed there for theree days. Miami was amazing we didi shopping, sightseeing, sunbathing before we had to move to Mexico. We hired a car and went to Ocean drive. I captured some footages in there you will see on the videos, after three days we took American Airlenes and flew to Mexico, it took two and half hours and safelt we landed down, We did out customs, custom took a while beucase we had brought our cameras and our diving stuff, so when they saw us, they stopped and looked for the cameras one by one, probably beucase of drug smuggling, the searched for every piece of electronic devices. Then we went to our car hire company and took our car and drive to our hotel. Hotel was close to the center where we were, it was 10 minutes by car, so we left our stuff and then drive to the diving club to make the arrangements for the next day. The clubs name was PHANTOM DIVERS, it was quite small but wasnt very bad, so we aranged where to do depends on what we wanted to see on our Dives.

We did 12 dives and also cenatos, underwater caves, which was the most imporant dive for me. We had 8 beatiful days and enjoyed very much. You will be wathing the films down below, if you have any questions, please to hesitate to contact me, you send me emails or find me on Facebook, I will be happt to answer your questions.

  Here is the film that I prepared for Miami and Mexico. Enjoy.....