Hi to all my blog readers,

           I made this blog to share my knowledge of where I have been. I therefore made two types of different blogs. One of places in turkey and the other will be from around      the world.


     Dessat has got a lot of history and also a heart breaking story. In 1999 there was a big earthquake in the province of Golcuk. It took just 1 minute and it peaked to a rating level of 7. Thousands of people died and the houses went into the sea. There is now an underwater marine life after the earthquake. Dessat is the name of the Diving club and the instructors are usually retired soldiers. So when you go there you can see the discipline and the education is high quality. The water visibility is not like Aegean or the Mediterranean side. Usually the water is cold. In the summer time it becomes 22 degrees. In winter and autumn, it is advisable to dive with a dry suit. Check my first episode of Dessat, I will continue the second part of episode of Dessat’s

Here is the film that I prepared for introduction of Dessat.