Hi divers, non-divers and everyone in the world that loves nature

     First of all I would like to mention why I created this site. It is the making of a community, sharing knowledge and a need for us to be together as nature lovers and divers.

        Ok… Who am I? and What do I do ? First of all, I am a graduated Computer Programmer, dealing with IT systems for more than 25 years. I also do 3D animations and visual effects, but the most important thing in my life (except my family and health) is nature of all kinds.

        How is this life? Even a small bacteria starts to grow and thrive into something extraordinary. That is why I am an underwater lover, diver, technical diver and like to explore new wonders of the deep and divine places. Whenever I dive in the deep I see new life, new habitats and through this I like to film them and share my experience with everyone.

        My aim is to make a complex documentary with all types of species. You might have hundreds of dives that look the same and may not see any new wonders but as I take you myself through the underwater world, you will discover new and interesting wonders, learn about unique species and begin to understand the mystery of the underwater world of life in its true form.

        A lot of it is through sheer patience, an understanding of the underwater world, the passion for diving and the resilience to just keep going.

        Alright guys, talked too much, I will leave you in my site. Welcome to hang around and watch my videos.

    I hope you enjoy
Name Suname :